Mersaco - Partners


Mersaco has marked a high reputation as the trusted licensee of several multinational and regional companies.

We always strive to acquire licenses in the areas where we are registered and engaged.

Inasmuch, we offer our partners excellence in service from regulatory affairs through to the marketing and distribution of products based on the requirements and needs of the licensor.

The professionalism and quality of service we offer enable us to be the solution- provider for our partners ensuring continuous satisfaction.


For 125 years, Abbott has adapted to an increasable complex healthcare environment by keeping its focus on helping people achieve their best possible health, in all stages of life, and that’s a goal we will continue to pursue far into the future.


Actelion is the first to work in the field of endothelian receptor antagonists “Act Upon” on which the company is named. Tacleer is Actelion’s lead product and was the first oral treatment approved. Actelion explores global operations in over 30 countries. Consistent with Actelion's second Strategic Principle “Retain the value of innovation“. Actelion considers our sophisticated partnership to strategically access technologies or products, and to maximize the value of its discovery engine.


For nearly a century, Janssen’s products have been in the hands of healthcare practitioners, transforming their work and restoring the lives of patients they serve. As part of Johnson & Johnson, their commitment to improving and enhancing the lives of patients is fully realized when their products are in the hands of customers Our Distribution Partnership with Janssen Pharmaceutica goes to 1970 and it continues with Cilag in 1997, and we pledge to continue progressing.


Headquarted in the United States, Amgen is committed to fight against serious illness. Amgen focuses on oncology, born health, nephrology, metabolic disorders, neuroscience, inflammation and cardiovascular. Its Only target is to discover the medicine and to develop it to reach patients Globally. Once Amgen Medicines have been approved, they were brought to patients on a global scale with a presence more than 75 countries. Lebanon is one of these countries and it is covered by Mersaco.


Astellas is improving the future of patients in six keys therapeutic areas Transplantation, Urology, Oncology, Anti-Invectives, Pain Management, and Dermatology. Headquarted in Tokyo, Astellas were founded in 2005 though the merge of Yamanouchi and Fujsawa, marring nearly two centuries of collective experience in producing pharmaceutical drugs. Since a Decade, we started our partnership with Yamanouchi and it continues with Astellas. Our large expertise makes us a dynamic and reliable partner.


The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, it operates globally with 146 affiliates. Boehringer Ingelheim is a research-driven group of companies dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals that improve health and quality of life. Our businesses comprise Prescription Medicine, Consumer Health Care and Biopharmaceuticals. Together with our partner, we work together for better health, and we aim to create inspiring and innovative solutions for consumers.


Forte pharma laboratories have been created in 1999 under the leadership of Dr. Yann Rougier, they are based in Monaco. Specialists in food supplements of pharmaceutical quality. In Lebanon, forte pharma products are distributed since 2007 by Mersaco.


Gojo founded in 1946, the inventor of Purell, The best known product for instant hand sanitizer, America #1. Our partnership is for many years now, and we make sure that the trusted Purell is always available when and where you need it.


For nearly a century, Janssen’s products have been in the hands of healthcare practitioners, transforming their work and restoring the lives of patients they serve. As part of Johnson & Johnson, their commitment to improving and enhancing the lives of patients is fully realized when their products are in the hands of customers Our Distribution Partnership with Janssen Pharmaceutica goes to 1970 and it continues with Cilag in 1997, and we pledge to continue progressing.


Good health is vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our world cannot wait. That's why Mundipharma is committed to applying science and to improving health and well-being at every stage of life. We, as partner, strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them in Lebanon.


Novo and Nordisk two small Danish Companies changed the word of diabetes by producing Insulin for 90 years. Merged in 1989 to create Novo Nordisk a company that has been expanding rapidly ever since with leading positions within diabetes care, hemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Novo Nordisk‘s commitment to continue this journey to prevent, treat and ultimately cure diabetes all over the world. Since 2002 Novo Nordisk way is our way!


Pierre Fabre Dermatology, a holistic management of skin diseases. For 30 years, we have efficiently and safely managed all main skin diseases, such as acne: mycosis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or alopecia


As specialists in dermatological therapy with Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, they are no. 1 in Europe and no. 2 globally on the dermo-cosmetics market, with sales of over €1 billion across 130 countries, and a portfolio of 10 complementary brands such as - A-Derma is the first dermo-cosmetics brand that makes use of Avoine Rhealba®, an active substance of natural plant origin. Avoine Rhealba® soothes irritated and rough skin, while providing protection and care for thin and fragile skin. - Ducray designs treatments and associated products for the hair, skin and scalp. - By using the Avène thermal water a unique active substance to soothe and calm irritation, we have developed a large range of specific skin care products that sooth sensitive, irritated and allergic skin. - Elancyl has been providing targeted care for the past 40 years, based on its unique expertise in body beauty. - For the past 30 years, researchers at Galénic have been traveling the world to discover and extract rare and natural active substances. Their pharmaceutical expertise and knowledge of nature have given rise to unique care products with proven efficiency that are pleasant to the touch. - Klorane Laboratories have developed a comprehensive range of toiletry and care products for the hair and skin of the entire family. Klorane products have been formulated under extremely high safety standards, based on active substances derived from plants according to the certified Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise


Sore throat, flu, cuts and sores, allergies, tobacco dependence... To prevent, relieve, cure or heal these common yet relatively debilitating maladies, Pierre Fabre Health offers solutions in ten therapeutic areas: Mosquito repellents; Antisepsis; Venous insufficiency; Digestion; Mobility; Pain/Inflammation; Ophthalmology ;ENT, Allergology; Podology; Nicotine addiction; Skin care; Supplements; Thinness.


Since Navelbine (vinorelbine) was first developed in partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in the 1980s, Pierre Fabre has become recognized by oncologists all over the world. Today, oncology, is in the areas of solid or liquid tumors, attracts the lion's share of Pierre Fabre Pharmaceutical investments.


In response to the expectations of specialists in oral health (dental surgeons, orthodontists, periodontologists), Pierre Fabre Oral Care offers complete oral/dental hygiene and health management, covering all the requirements in the field of oral care (from hygiene to medication). Pierre Fabre has thus become a first-class laboratory in oral/dental health and the current leader in the French pharmacist distribution channel.


For more than a century, people have looked to Sandoz for new products and solution to their health problems. From a small diversified chemical company to the world’s second largest producer of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals and global leader in biosimilars and differentiated products. As sole Distributor to Sandoz product, our plans are underway to intensify and strengthen the chains of distribution across the country.


Sanofi-aventis is a global healthcare leader Focused on patients’ needs; sanofi-aventis offers a range of essential healthcare assets, including a broad-based product portfolio and a presence worldwide. Our strategy is built around three priorities to help our partner reach its goals and ensure its sustainable growth


Santé Beauté, our French Partner, Supplier of two remarkable brands, Barbara Gould and Email Diamant. For 120 years now, email Diamant offers a range of toothpastes whiteness dedicated to the beauty of the smile. Barbara Gould beauty range, from the 30’s takes well-care of the lady skin and its beauty.


Experts in foot health and comfort. Société Pour Le Commerce Et Les Services Hygiéniques Et Cosmétiques, has been looking after feet for over 20 years. With our Partner, we are dedicated to provide the Lebanese Market an ever growing range of Scholl footwear and Stéripan foot care solutions.


STADA Arzneimittel AG as parent company of the STADA Group based in Bad Vilbel, Germany, is a publicly-listed, internationally oriented company, which is active worldwide in the health care and pharmaceuticals market. STADA consistently focuses on a multi-pillar strategy of Generics and Branded Products (OTC) The Group traditionally has a strong presence in Europe and is the only independent generics producer in Germany. For 120 years STADA is taking care of health and well-being of people, this is the center of STADA's trade.