Mersaco - News & Release - Our Business continuity Management Policy 2016

Our Business continuity Management Policy 2016

02 March 2016

MERSACO is committed towards the implementation, update and monitoring of a Business continuity management system, to ensure the continuity, recovery and resumption of its main managerial activities carried out in the Company Headquarters in Badaro, Lebanon.  The scope of the BCMS is: ‘’The Continuity Managerial Activities carried out in the HQ, for a period of 33 days, during a crisis that requires dislocation’’,

Maintaining a strategy of continuity and resilience is MERSACO’s top management aim, set in 2016 as a permanent pillar in the overall managerial strategic orientation. The will of implementing and that strategy is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Company’s Top Management and Owners. The objectives of implementing the BCMS are:

  1.  Maintaining the welfare of concerned internal stakeholders in case of crisis,
  2.  Maintaining a minimum level of operations management to be able to produce and deliver services in case of crisis,
  3.  Safeguarding the company’s assets in case of crisis,

Top Management is committed towards establishing a BCMS/ Crisis Command team, defining their responsibilities and authorities and providing all necessary Material, Physical, Financial and human resources to carry out the processes and work instructions involved in the BCMS.

The five pillars of MERSACO’s BCMS are:

 I.   Creating, Maintaining and developing, a Risk assessment process and matrix, with the participation of all internal stakeholders,

 II.  Conceiving, Maintaining and developing an adequate incident response and management protocol is the second pillar,

 III.  Conceiving, Maintaining and developing a business impact analysis process and matrix, defining all vital activities to recover and resume in case of crisis,

 IV.  Conceiving, Maintaining and developing a Business Continuity plan, that fits the BCMS scope, and ensure the continuity of Business activities of the Company’s Headquarters centralized on Planning, Controlling, Organizing and Decision making,

 V.  Exercising and testing the BCMS system through mock calls and crisis simulations, to ensure the effectiveness of the BCMS,

 VI. Monitoring the environment is also a key point in the BCMS, where all BCMS commanding officers/ Department heads have the vital role of reporting twice per year the fluctuation of their relevant environmental factors (internal and External) that affect their business operations (Political, Economic, Social, Legal, Human Resource, Suppliers, and Market needs fluctuation),

Setting BCMS annual Objectives is the responsibility of the BCMS team leader and Commanding officers, the ensure the continual improvement of the system, in addition to the annual internal audit, that ensure conformity to the BCMS manual,

Implementing ISO 22 301, business continuity management system, is part of MERSACO’s aim to standardize its BCMS system and materialize its social responsibility commitment.

Date: 02/03/2016