“The Sea Is Calling”: A Shore Clean-up Initiative On Ramlet El Baida

  • June 11, 2022

Mersaco participated in the SWIM 2022 sustainable competition with the aim to clean Lebanese seas through collective efforts and individual responsibility. 


On Saturday June 11, 2022, the half-day event,  full of live entertainment and engaging sports activities took place. This occasion gathered up to 140 volunteers including Mersaco employees as well as environmental aficionados to clean-up Ramlet Al Baida shore,  preceded by the revamp of swings, waste bins, and beach entrance stairs.


The day started with a welcome message, followed by a two-hour clean-up of the selected area where all volunteers joined forces despite the hot weather and made an impactful difference.


A representative from Operation Big Blue Association thanked Mersaco for their commitment and efforts and provided all attendees with an awareness message to protect the Lebanese coastline.


The event ended with an engaging sport activity, a unique Touch Rugby game performed by the Bluestars Junior Team exclusively played on the sand.


Mersaco firmly believes that environmental and social initiatives can have a significant impact on the  Lebanese community as Mersaco goes beyond care.


About SWIM Lebanon:
SWIM stands for Sustainable Waste Intercity Marathon. This organization engages communities from North to South for a unified swimming and waste collection initiative to create a chain reaction of good habits and save our seas from pollution.

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