Mersaco - Services - Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

Mersaco owns 11,000 m2 modern warehouses in order to assure the following key function: Reception of goods; Stock management; Orders picking and control; Repartition and dispatch of orders; And management of distribution end cycle

Special Processes are in place for the handling of:

  • Hologram application; Samples processing and imprinting according to GMP;
  • Narcotics products; Cytotoxic products; Temperature controlled products;
  • Value items products; Flammables products
  • Products are imported through air or sea freight, following our Suppliers recommendations. The data collected by the temperature monitors used during transportation,  are strictly reviewed and validated with our suppliers before releasing any goods to the local market.
  • All storage areas are mapped, validated and controlled to insure adequate temperature for the products.
  • All our products are properly stored by principal item batch number & expiry date
  • Special racking techniques are used to insure safe and efficient storage
  • Special storage areas are dedicated for temperature and humidity controlled products, narcotic items, cytotoxic products and high value items.
  • Personnel safety & product safety are insured throughout the use of adequate garment while dealing with special products.
  • Adequate pest management assures clean and pest free warehouses.
  • FEFO is strictly respected throughout all of our processes to avoid costly losses due to expired goods.
  • Near expiry products are returned from the market as per the agreement between LPIA and the Pharmacist Syndicate.
  • Since there is no expiry goods management available in Lebanon, goods are shipped for destruction as per Bassel convention.