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Consulting and Support Services

The smooth running of Mersaco is ensured by the various sections of the Administration Department from Engineering & Maintenance to Security, General Services and Procurement.

The Finance Department is well for the requirements of the business. Liquidity, Currency and Credit risks are managed proactively. As a result, Mersaco is highly rated and solicited by the banking community. It maintains banking relationships with leading local and foreign banks.

The Human Resources Department was entrusted with the mission of attracting, developing and retaining the best available resources in the industry, to ensure the smooth functioning of all Mersaco departments and upholding the highest standards of performance.

Over the years, the operations of Mersaco were run by a sophisticated, well developed in- house software which was able to accommodate the company’s phenomenal growth. In search for perfection, it was decided to migrate to Oracle E-business suite (Actual R12 version). The implementation was entrusted to Oracle Consulting and the staffing of its IT Department was revamped to address the requirements of the business

We also provide an array of consulting services to help our Partners to grow their businesses.

In order to accommodate the growth in its portfolio for all its principals, Mersaco refocused its operations by adopting the gradual implementation of the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) concept and relinquishing its marketing role to its principals. This concept covers a rationalization of the complete sales and marketing cycle including the tender and institutional business for each principal. Each principal established an independent, autonomous Scientific Office most of them under the umbrella of Mersaco.